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Thank you for flying ObabaAir...your number one provider of interdimensional transport since 1970.
We hope you enjoy your stay in Sryusai. Please feel free to explore the Visitor's Center or the other locations via one of our tour guides.

Ger's Lair - Our first staff member will see that you are aware aof some of this areas hazzards of Fauna. His office is located at: Ger Dragon ESQ., Phd in BS Lair # 23, 2nd scary cave on left Western Continent, Sryusai

EARTH CHICK Pawma's Page! - Pawma will see to your physical well being during your stay if you visit the spa or health facilities. Her warm caring, demenor will have you running for your life in no time.

Kagale's Fortress - The more down to earth, Kagale, manages our entertainment complex. Listen or dance to the sounds he spins out.

Amyah's Pretty Palace! - " The Palace ", located on a space station, in the 2nd moons orbit, is a luxurious mall that boasts 129 levels of exclusive intergalactic boutiques and shops. Tours shuttles run frequently, and I'm sure our reservationist, Amyah Mae, can get you on the next flight.

House of Lucille - You'll be staying at the " House of Lucille ", where Lucy will see that your visit and dining will be most memorable. She offers an wide selection in guest aminities. Truly, the most relaxing place on your tour

--** Want More? **--

The Archives - If you think this makes no sense, ( and it doesn't, even to me) Read on. The "Sleeping Dragons" Archive is here. It provides chronicles of the eveyone's adventures, as well as some other random sillyness.