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Latest Update:


So I got the DSL modem hook up in today, and approval to use it. I uploaded the pics, and...well, I'm open! The site may get a domain, not all the links work yet, but when things go up,... ^_____^. Thanks for the support everyone. Keep it coming!


Or not...considering going back to Tripod. Answerz does not have an FTP, and will only allow 100KB and below files to be transfered. Ugh... I can't make pics look decent at that size! THings looking good. Things will turn around in the next few weeks.


Some other problems came up with the server. Apparently CuteFTP and other FTPs do not like, so rather than work with Tripod much forever, I'll be moving to It offers enough space, and the rules are just like everyone else's. The banner hangs around the front and isn't so bad.
At this rate, the art will still be up as scheduled.


Hell week is over. And the site is going up! Happy for me. I am changing servers cause Tripod is cutting back on their service. Bless they're hearts. >.<; I have some of the pages up and will be posting more. Not active pics yet, but stay tuned. Big things are happening!


Stuff at work is keeping me busy, but stuff for the site is begging to get done. The format is working now, and I will need to debug pages in Netscape before everything is ready. I'll then start to post stuff gradually *pets her connection* Please be good. ;-; I also will be starting the "Sleeping Dragons" comic, so look out for it and I'll be back!


Having "personal issues", but keep getting ideas. Something has to work better, much better.


After making a skeleton dummy pic in MSPaint, I have the layout art mostly finished, and is now working on the task of making it work in a browser. After 2 days of work, and a text editor crash, I'm starting from Square Three, ( One and Two are really done, so why not Three! ) I'll be posting till the site is up. Ensuring that'll get done.

C-ya! Obaba