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20 Century Work

Ger Pic - 1998 Amyah Hurricane StarAmyah Moon Art Nouveau AugieBabe IIBeach Pullum B&W TatsumakiPawma 1998Ger Fight AvatarIbuki Rei Pawma 1998 Color MooniesSighing PullumBurning TalyaMoon RaiderTalya Character Sheet Tavey Character Sheet Shampoo 1996

Age of Aquarius

Haruko Amyah Morrigan the ClericAmyah's Evil String Thing Furaha the Pony Gerbaba's First ComicGerbaba and Ger Ying Yang G and T Medallion Hot Topic AmyahKagale Thunder01 - Kagale and Lucy Meet for first time.Lucy LeapObabaPawma Fire Plug Suit Rei Sabiha the Bard Snaretrap ChaosAmyah's SnowdayTamarik's Character