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Habari Gani!

A Story! A Story!
Come and Listen!

These are stories that I have read, or have
been told over the years. I claim no credit
for any of the work here, as they are
passed of by word of mouth and from
ragtag, loved tomes I've had.

-Who is Mama Mekeda?-
For those of us that remember, Mama Mekeda
was my mother. I dedicated this page to her.
For the main inspiration for my love
of reading.

Mom, we all miss you.

From African Tales of Magic and Mystery:
A old book with my favortie tales.

African and African American Proverbs:
Random slivers of wisdom to partake and reflect upon.

The Celebration of Kwanzaa:
The traditions, language and history of the holiday.

More to come...