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African Tales of Magic and Mystery

This is an old book that was published my birthyear. It has many a story of undefined origin, but full of wonder. The illistrations are all of magazine and paper cutout type, and it made for both interestiong and frighting images. The stories were retold by Mária Kosová and Vladislav Stanovský. The illistrations by Karel Teissig. Traslated by Olga Kuthanová.


  1. The First People on Earth
  2. Goso the Storyteller
  3. Clever Animals
  4. The Wily Hare
  5. The Cunning Fox
  6. Carried off by the Wind
  7. Who Helped Most
  8. The Girl in the Ostrich Egg
  9. Maii and Kofi
  10. The Two Brothers
  11. The Wooden Wife
  12. Marama and the Crocodille River
  13. The Dragon's Bride
  14. The Beautiful Mekukui
  15. The Forbidden Tree
  16. Wise Abarnakat and the Wooden Post
  17. Two Wise Abarnakats
  18. The Magic Mirror
  19. The Girl Who Was Afraid of the Sun
  20. Master of the Lake
  21. The Pigeons' Promise
  22. The Egg
  23. Escape from the Giants
  24. A Witch-Doctor's Daughter for a Bride
  25. Vain Plans
  26. The Language Of the Beasts
  27. The Stepmother and the Dragon
  28. The Bird Who Gave Milk
  29. The Kamba and the Firey Dragon
  30. The Seven Sisters
  31. The Rascal
  32. The Roc
  33. The Magic Spear
  34. How Life Went Out into the World
  35. An Answer for Everything
  36. Gassir the Hero
  37. Dzom the Giant
  38. The Pygmies' Plight
  39. The Snake Girl
  40. The Cruel Stepmother
  41. The Chief's Punishment
  42. Ow and Ouch!
  43. Surprise for the Robbers
  44. The Clever Bride
  45. Three Pieces of Advice