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Three Pieces of Advice

Once upon a time there lived a man who was a great miser. One day he brought a large crate of glassware very cheaply, and then began gloating at the thought of how he would sell it at a high price in the market. The bearer he hired to carry the crate asked ehat was inside.

"Only some bits and pieces of glass," replied the miser with a wave of his hand.

"And what will I get for taking it to your house?" asked the bearer.

"You can have either ten coins or three pieces of advice. Take your choice," said the miser.

"Ten coins isn't much," said the bearer to himself. "I'll take three pieces of advice."

"Good!" said the miser, delighted that he would not have to pay anything. So the bearer put the crate on his back and the two men set off.

After they had gone some way, the bearer said, "I must stop and rest for I an tired. Tell me, what is the first piece of advice?"

"Listen, then," said the miser. "Don't believe whoever tells you that slavery is better than freedom."

"That is a good bit of advice," muttered the bearer, "but I know that better than you."

Soon they continued on their way. After a while the bearer had to stop and rest again. Sitting down he said to the miser, "What is the second piece of advice?"

The miser thought about it for a while and then replied, "Don't believe whoever tells you that poverty brings happiness and wealth unhappiness."

"I know that too," muttered the bearer, and hoisting the crate on his back, continued on his way.

When they came to the miser's house he turned to him and said, "And now tell me, what is the third piece of advice?"

"Don't believe whoever tells you that hunger is not painful," replied the miser.

At that the bearer grew livid with rage and shouted at the miser," Now I'll give you a piece of advice! Believe whoever tells you that there are only bits and pieces of glass in that crate!"

With these words he flung the crate to the ground, and all the glassware broke. Now there were only bits and pieces of glass inside!

And the miser had learnt his leasson.