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The Clever Bride

In a far off village there lives a pretty girl. One day two young men came to her father to ask for her hand in marriage.

"That's very hard," he said. "There are two of you and I have only one daughter. You can't both have her. Come back tommorow and we shall see."

The two men came the following day as they had been told, and the father said to them, "Here is a piece of cloth for each of you. The first one to sew himself a coat will win my daughter."

Then he called his daughter to come thread the needles. But the girl was clever. She threaded the needle of the young man she liked best with a short thread, and that of the other man with a long thread.

In the afternoon, when her father came to see how they were getting on, he found that the young man with the short thread was finished his task while the other was only halfway through. So the clever daughter became the bride of the young man she liked!